Monday, January 14, 2008

TELUS Deploys Nominum for Wholesale Interconnect Offering

TELUS, Canada's second largest carrier, has selected Nominum's "Navitas" IP-application Routing Directory (IPRD) as the foundation for growing its wholesale interconnect and peering business as it accelerates the move from the traditional TDM network to IP. Nominum Navitas enables TELUS to optimize its call and session routes while creating new differentiated wholesale service offerings, resulting in reduced interconnect costs, simplified operations and new sources of revenues.

Nominum Navitas is an IP-application Routing Directory (IPRD), a switch-agnostic signaling data repository that consolidates telephony numbering and routing information, and refines routes based on session parameters like cost, quality, capacity, and context. TELUS applied Navitas as an IP-based network control point and relies on the following capabilities for improving their business:

  • Eliminating data fragmentation across switching element routing tables through consolidation of numbering and routing plans across IP and TDM networks.

  • Signaling capabilities with SIP and ENUM queries

  • Support for parameter-based routing including Least Cost Routing for profitable and reliable routes.

Nominum said this integration enabled TELUS to access optimal routes in its network in real-time and make use of in-session route optimization, thereby maximizing margins and preserving a high quality service.