Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Telstra to Provide Global MPLS Solution for Aicent

Telstra announced a new contract to supply Aicent with a global MPLS network. Aicent's customer list of more than one hundred wireless operators -- includes four of the world's top five largest mobile carriers -- that in turn serves more than one billion mobile subscribers globally.

Deployed largely over Ethernet, Telstra's global IP network aims to reduce infrastructure costs and increase speed and efficiency for Aicent's customer base across Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The service will connect Aicent's mobile data services to their mobile operator customers for reliable, high-quality bandwidth and to enable global roaming on wireless networks.

Aicent has been providing network services to Australian based Telstra Corporation since 2004, including GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) services, multi- media messaging services (MMS) and more recently SMS. Telstra recently reached the milestone of connecting more than 100 roaming partners for MMS, a first amongst operators.http://www.telstra.comhttp://www.aicent.com.

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