Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strix Introduces In-Vehicle Mobile Wireless System

Strix Systems introduced an in-vehicle Mobile Wireless System (MWS) 100 that enables on-board video surveillance, VoIP and critical data applications for in-vehicle wired or wireless client connectivity in public safety, railway, municipal, strategic and tactical wireless broadband mesh networks.

The MWS 100 is designed for any vehicle type and works in concert with Strix's Access/One Outdoor Wireless Systems (OWS) to create an end-to-end mobile broadband wireless connectivity. Strix said its MWS achieves the longest reach and instant mesh hand-off compared to any other mobile wireless device on the market. The unit utilizes Strix Access/One Edge capabilities to achieve the continuous high throughput and low latency via intelligent radio algorithms with optimized channel selection, dual diversity, significantly enhanced roaming algorithms, and maximized signal strength via the highest power output. The MWS quickly detects new and alternate wireless nodes while traversing the larger wireless mesh network and instantaneously establishing best network path criteria for seamless transitions maintaining any video, voice and data sessions.

The MWS 100 supports 802.11a and high power (DSRC-C) 4.9 GHz for public safety applications or optionally 802.11g for unlicensed client access. The MWS also includes an Ethernet port for wired connectivity to in-vehicle laptops and on-board systems.

Strix is also introducing Strix Mesh OS 3.1 with mesh networking capabilities for transportation systems. In particular, Strix said its new "SuperCloud fleet management" capabilities completely shatter the concept of dynamic large-scale and long-distance mobile mesh networks. Current railway deployments with Strix Systems Access/One products enable unparalleled range and performance for track-side-to-train and in-train multi-car mesh networking. With Strix's new "SuperCloud" capability, locomotives and passenger or freight cars (carriages) can be changed without the need for configuration/reconfiguration. Any locomotive can connect to any carriage and all Strix Access/One nodes, including the MWS and OWS are fully visually managed from a centralized or other remote location. Other significant enhancements to Strix Mesh OS 3.1 includes the latest in fast roaming algorithms for wireless mesh networks, Intelligent background scanning, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, high-speed mobile fast authentication services, multi-VLAN enhancements, Mesh and Edge management and more.http://www.strixsystems.com

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