Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sensory Networks' Security Software Acceleration Boosts Performance

Sensory Networks, a start-up specializing in acceleration technology for network security applications, released its "FastChannel" and "HyperScan" software acceleration product lines aimed at improving the performance of resource-intensive applications such as Intrusion Prevention (IPS), Antivirus (AV) and Content Filtering. The software enables security applications to operate at multi-gigabit throughput speeds on standard low cost platforms without the need for specialized hardware.

Sensory Networks said its FastChannel enables Snort IPS version 2.7 to run at over 6 Gbps, with full coverage, operating using standard Intel Quad-Core Xeon processors. FastChannel is a proprietary lock-free, zero-copy, load-balancing and packet processing software library that
scales linearly across multiple CPU cores, dynamically distributing network traffic loads. FastChannel can be applied to IPS, Firewall, Content Inspection, AV, and virtually any networking and security application to improve the price/performance value proposition.

HyperScan comprises a suite of high-speed optimized pattern-matching and scanning engines that perform Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) on network traffic. Using advanced knowledge of x86 architectures and instruction sets, ,HyperScan software provides up to 10 Gbps of scanning throughput for PCRE, literal, packet header and other data types. Sensory's patent-pending technologies enable them to keep working sets in L1
and L2 cache and thereby operate at the full speed of each CPU core.

"As the security equipment market continues to become more competitive, designing to price/performance goals has become critical for vendors," said Sab Gosal, VP of Marketing for Sensory Networks. "Our FastChannel and HyperScan product lines address this challenge head-on by allowing vendors to now leverage software-only solutions to deliver application performance that can scale to 10Gbps. These new
software-only solutions eliminate the cost, complexity and technology risk that come with using custom-built silicon and other hardware alternatives."


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