Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sandvine Launches 10-GigE DPI Platform for Wireless

Sandvine introduced a 10-Gigabit Ethernet deep packet inspection (DPI) platform for mobile data and wireless providers. Sandvine's PTS 14000 is meant to give mobile data and wireless providers visibility into their network traffic, enabling them to fairly allocate network resources and enhance quality of service for multimedia IP-based applications. Sandvine offers a suite of applications including traffic management, network integrity and service creation.

Sandvine also announced two carrier wins: one with a national property of a pan-European mobile and DSL operator and another with a North American WiMAX carrier. The European win is a national property of a pan-European provider that has over a half-million DSL subscribers and approximately 5 million mobile subscribers. The North American WiMAX customer has over 200,000 subscribers. These customers commenced deployment of the 10-Gbps PTS 14000 platform in Q4 2007.

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