Monday, January 28, 2008

RadiSys Introduce Packet Processing Module Based on Cavium OCTEON

RadiSys ntroduced its Promentum ATCA-7220 Dual OCTEON PLUS Packet Processing Module, offering a high density of Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on a single blade for packet processing applications such as Radio Network Controllers, session border control (SBC), security gateways, edge routers and media gateways.

The ATCA-7220 is a single slot ATCA module that supports the Option 9 (10 GE) fabric interface. It incorporates an onboard 10GE switch to facilitate very flexible data flow models and enables powerful packet processing solutions needed for the next generation equipment. RadiSys said the combination of ATCA-7220 with fully validated IP data path software such as IPV4/V6 forwarding, load balancing, IPSec, etc., along with the award winning 10G ATCA Platform enables equipment manufacturers to accelerate their time to market. The ATCA-7220 also includes a local management processor to enable blade management functions and offers front or rear I/O.

The ATCA-7220 module is designed with a Cavium Networks' OCTEON Plus multi-core MIPS64 processor, which features a Smart FrontEnd with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch and content aware capabilities. The Smart FrontEnd allows offloading preprocessing from the Cavium Processors, enhances manageability of the processors, and enables flexibility of data flow to and from the processors.

The ATCA-7220 Dual OCTEON PLUS Packet Processing Module will be available in early 2008.


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