Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quintum Releases Hybrid Gateway for Microsoft Unified Communications

Quintum Technologies released its new Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60, a single box solution specifically designed to allow customers to integrate Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 with legacy and IP-based PBXs, analog endpoints, fax, and modem-based devices, while providing connectivity to the PSTN.

The Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60 contains Quintum's new Unified Communications Proxy (UCP). The UCP enables Tenor to provide intelligent MultiPath connectivity between VoIP, Legacy telephony (TDM) equipment, and unified communications, with any-to-any call routing, including SIP to SIP, TDM to TDM and SIP to TDM connections. The UCP also offers the ability to deploy multiple gateways behind the Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60 to simplify the deployment of multiple gateways distributed within an enterprise's headquarters network, as well as gateways deployed in branch offices. It also provides TDM to TDM switching to support fax and modem equipment on the same PSTN connections used by Office Communications Server 2007. The UCP supports the coordination of all SIP and TDM communications in a Microsoft UC deployment from a single device connected directly to Office Communications Server 2007.

The Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60 is integrated on an Intel SR-1500 1U server with Intel Quad-Core Xeon processors. It supports up to 60 simultaneous VoIP calls, with up to two T1/E1/PRI spans. The Tenor Hybrid Gateway 60 is currently available and has a starting list price of $9,750.