Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quintum Offers Unified Communications Proxy (UCP) for its VoIP Switches and Gateways

Quintum Technologies, which is now a subsidiary of Network Equipment Technologies, introduced a Unified Communications Proxy (UCP) for its Tenor VoIP MultiPath Switches and Gateways. The UCP, originally developed to support VoIP in Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007, allows multiple VoIP and TDM networks to be integrated together. The UCP expands Tenor's unique MultiPath switching capability to include enhanced call routing and SIP to SIP switching, and is now available in the entire Tenor "S" line of VoIP MultiPath Switches and Gateways.

The addition of the new UCP capability in the Tenor provides "any to any" MultiPath switching between VoIP and TDM networks, including SIP to SIP calls, TDM to TDM calls and SIP to TDM calls. This capability simplifies the deployment of new VoIP systems such as Unified Communications, assuring integration with any existing voice network element (TDM or SIP) and the PSTN .

Quintum said this flexibility also benefits VoIP service providers by providing a flexible customer premises gateway that can interface to all existing business voice network elements including SIP, TDM or both. The UCP also offers benefit when deploying Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 in that it can support multiple gateways and SIP endpoints with a single Microsoft mediation server.

This allows businesses to deploy multiple gateways to support PSTN connectivity, legacy TDM PBXs, existing SIP based IP- PBXs, existing SIP phones, and analog devices such as fax machines, all with one mediation server. http://www.quintum.comhttp://www.net.com

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