Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Qualcomm Announces Marketing Changes

Qualcomm announced an executive reorganization including the creation of a chief marketing officer (CMO) position.

Jeff Jacobs, executive vice president, has been named CMO. Over the past several years leading global business development, Jacobs has built an organization that has played a significant role in the globalization of Qualcomm and the expansion of the business. In the newly formed CMO role, Jacobs will oversee global marketing, external communications and standards- related efforts.

Qualcomm will evolve the structure of its global business development organization by forming three overarching regional areas: Americas and India, Asia Pacific and Middle East/Africa and Europe. Each area will be led by a member of Qualcomm's executive committee:

  • Peggy Johnson has been named executive vice president of the Americas and India. Johnson previously served as executive vice president and president of Qualcomm Internet Services (QIS)/ MediaFLO Technologies (MFT).

  • Jing Wang has been promoted to executive vice president of Asia Pacific and Middle East/Africa.

  • Andrew Gilbert has been promoted to executive vice president and president of QIS/MFT and Qualcomm Europe.