Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New DANICE Undersea Cable to Link Iceland and Denmark

Tyco Telecommunications was selected by E-Farice to construct the DANICE 2250 km undersea fiber optic cable system connecting Iceland and Denmark. The system, due to be completed by the end of the year, will serve the burgeoning data center market in Iceland by providing direct fiber access to Western Europe.

The system will be comprised of a four fiber-pair point-to-point link and will have an ultimate capacity to transmit 128, 10 Gigabit wavelengths on each fiber pair for a total bandwidth of more than 5 Tbps.

E-Farice is owned by the three largest power companies in Iceland, the Icelandic State and the two largest telecom operators in Iceland.

E-Farice owns 80% of the shares in the company Farice hf, which owns and operates the FARICE subsea cable system linking Iceland and the Faroes with Scotland. The remaining 20% are owned by Faroese shareholders. The FARICE cable system was installed in 2003.http://www.tycotelecom.comhttp://www.farice.is

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