Sunday, January 27, 2008

Movial Demos its "Social Communicator"

Finland-based Movial unveiled its "Social Communicator," a software application that enables instant social communication by bringing Internet calling, social media content (e.g., YouTube), unified messaging, and Web and video feeds together for content sharing and real-time communication on mobile handsets, PCs, IP set-top boxes, and Internet tablet devices.

Movial's Social Communicator determines the best way to share content, regardless of a user's device or online/offline status, and frees users from the complexities of figuring out how to reach a contact for instantaneous communication.

The Social Communicator, which Movial will distribute through Service Providers, offers built-in presence, SMS, MMS, instant messaging, multimedia calling, and video sharing. Users can now connect, share and communicate about all their Internet content -- from news and information sources to popular video sites -- all in real time using a variety of communication possibilities on any device.


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