Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mexico's Axtel Selects Motorola WiMAX Base Stations and CPE

Axtel, a fixed-line telecom competitor in Mexico,
selected Motorola as the first vendor to provide access points, core network equipment, associated services and customer devices for its initial WiMAX deployment. Specifically, AXTEL will purchase Motorola's 802.16e WiMAX radiobase stations (access points), voice and data customer premise equipment (CPE) and PCMCIA cards. Indoor CPE's with WiFi functionality and USB dongles will also be available. Deployment has begun in Monterrey, Puebla and Guadalajara, with more cities to follow. Full mobile voice and data WiMAX solutions are expected to become available by year-end 2008 or beginning 2009.http://www.motorola.com

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