Monday, January 14, 2008

MetaSwitch Integrates Phone and PC Desktop With MetaSphere CommAssistant

MetaSwitch has expanded its suite of enhanced telephony services with a thin-client desktop application, MetaSphere CommAssistant.
Working in tandem with MetaSwitch's existing CommPortal application, and leveraging the MetaSphere Service Delivery Platform (SDP), CommAssistant can be deployed to subscribers homed on a MetaSwitch softswitch or legacy Class 5 switch. The application adds value to the carrier's voice service without changing the way the underlying service appears or is deployed.

Key capabilities of the MetaSphere CommAssistant include:

  • It provides, from the Windows Task Bar, instant access to the most commonly used voice telephony functions, including support for presence status updates; searching both personal and corporate contact lists; placing calls to contacts using click-to-dial; and changing settings of calling features such as call forwarding and do-not-disturb.

  • Click-to-dial support within applications such as Microsoft Outlook, which enables users to place calls instantly to their contacts from within the application.

  • Remote office support, which enables users to make click-to-dial calls from any phone in the world, with the call being presented as if it came from their regular phone.

  • A notification icon, in the Windows notification area (or "system tray"), which provides popup notification of new voice and fax messages, with a link for realtime message retrieval.

  • CommPortal Integration, enabling users to directly access the CommPortal Web interface, bypassing the login step, where they can view messages and calls, change settings for services such as MetaSphere Incoming Call Manager, and update their personal contacts.

CommAssistant is in carrier field trials today and will be generally available to all MetaSwitch customers in March.