Sunday, January 20, 2008

iamba Networks Introduces its GPON ASICs Family

iamba Networks, a start-up based in Cupertino, California with R&D based in Israel, released its new iSN1000 family of GPON ONT ASICs. The iSN1000 family includes three SoCs for three types of ONTs: the iSN1000F for Single Family Units (SFU), the iSN1000T for small office, home offices (SOHO), and the iSN1000D for Multi Dwelling Units (MDU).

Iamba said its new silicon delivers 1 Gbps wire speed throughput, WT-156 compliant VLAN processing, QoS, security, IPTV support and a multi-core architecture that facilitates the integration of customer developed software with iamba's own powerful software packages.

The iSN1000 family of ASICs is part of the iamba GPON Eco-System (iGES) solution comprised of next generation ASICs for ONTs and for the OLT, a comprehensive set of software packages, evaluation units and production-ready reference designs.

The iSN1000 ONT ASIC architecture, which include the GPON SERDES function, is based on a multi-core processor module (iMCM) and on iamba's unique, patent pending Traffic Pump Module (iTPM), delivering wire-speed gigabit Ethernet on two ports, multiple voice lines and video channels, all supported by QoS and CoS capabilities. The iMCM architecture consists of three RISC processors delivering 540 DMIPS.

Sampling is underway.

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