Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FCC Auction Gets Underway for 700 MHz Band

The FCC auction for licenses in the 700 MHz Band got underway. Over $2.8 billion in bids have been recorded in the initial rounds. The full auction is expected to take about a month.

Bidding information is posted on the FCC's electronic auction website.

  • The auction (designated as Auction 73) will include 1,099 licenses in the 698-806 MHz bands, including 176 licenses over Economic Areas (EAs) in the A Block, 734 licenses over Cellular Market Areas (CMAs) in the B Block, 176 licenses over EAs in the E Block, 12 licenses over Regional Economic Area Groupings (REAGs) in the C Block, and one nationwide license, to be used as part of the 700 MHz Public/Private Partnership, in the D Block.

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