Sunday, January 6, 2008

CopperGate's HomePNA 3.1 Chipset Promises 240 Gbps over In-home Wiring

CopperGate Communications introduced its "CopperStream" CG3210 chipset for home networking over existing coax and telephone wires. CopperGate said the new silicon supports a PHY data rates of up to 320 Mbps and up to 240 Mbps in user throughput. The chipset incorporates a complete ITU G.9954 compatible HomePNA 3.1 MAC and PHY as well as an Ethernet MAC and a RISC processor capable of running the entire HomePNA 3.1 protocol stack, providing remote management and diagnostics capabilities and full backward compatibility with CopperGate's previous products. The CG3210 is sampling to customers today.

"With millions of chipsets shipped, CopperGate has established the home networking standard for TelcoTV," said Gabi Hilevitz, CopperGate CEO. "The CG3210 adds valuable capabilities to the CopperStream product line which is being deployed today by both large and small service providers worldwide for the distribution of IP services within the home and MDUs."

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