Monday, January 21, 2008

AT&T U-verse VoIP Service Debuts in Detroit

AT&T introduced its U-verse Voice digital voice service as part of its triple play package. The service is delivered over the AT&T U-verse IP network. Detroit is the first area in the nation where AT&T U-verse Voice is available. AT&T began a controlled launch in late December and has since expanded the service's availability. The service will continue to expand to more local customers and additional markets in 2008.

U-verse TV customers can choose from two U-verse Voice calling plans:

  • U-verse Voice Unlimited, which includes unlimited local and nationwide minutes to any location in the U.S., Canada or U.S. territories for $40 a month.

  • U-verse Voice 1000, which includes 1,000 Call Anywhere minutes to any location in the U.S. or U.S. territories for $30 a month.

AT&T U-verse Voice has advanced features include:

  • An online management portal for call preferences, voicemails, contacts, call history, etc.

  • U-verse Messaging, which combines AT&T wireless and U-verse Voice messages into a single voice mailbox that can be accessed from any phone line or PC. Customers can listen to, manage and forward voice mail from the online portal, much like an e-mail inbox.

  • Call History, which is viewable online or on a customer's AT&T U-verse TV screen, with a list of the 500 most recent call records.

  • Click to Call, which will connect a call to any number in a customer's Call History with one click of a mouse or the U-verse TV remote control.

  • An online Address Book that is accessible from any PC and allows customers to Click to Call and to create and share contact groups or distribution lists for voice messages.

  • Locate Me, a feature that allows incoming calls to ring up to four numbers at the same time.

  • traditional calling features, such as Call Screening, CalL Blocking, Do Not Disturb and privacy settings.

  • where available, U-verse Voice customers will have Enhanced 911 (E911) service.