Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Arcor Selects NDS VideoGuard to Secure IPTV in Germany

Arcor, the second largest telecommunications provider in Germany, has selected NDS VideoGuard content protection to secure its new IPTV service. Arcor-Digital TV will initially be available in 51 German cities and communities offering digital TV and advanced entertainment services such as VOD. Arcor, which is a subsidiary of Vodafone, operates a nationwide broadband network with a DSL subscriber base of over two million connections.

The NDS solution features VideoGuard CA and DRM technology, which now provide security in over 50 Pay-TV platforms around the world. The hardware-based security components of the solution include CA/DRM security in the headend for linear and on-demand services, as well as authentication and content protection in the decoder chip in the set top-box.

NDS noted that there are now more than 78.6 million smartcards deployed worldwide for its VideoGuard system.http://www.nds.comhttp://www.arcor.de

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