Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Andrew Introduces Geometrix Hybrid Caller Location System for UMTS

Andrew Wireless Solutions announced a major advancement in the accuracy and flexibility of its "Geometrix" Mobile Location Center (MLC) platform for UMTS . The new Hybrid Caller Location feature set brings 3G networks the capability to produce high-accuracy caller locating when adverse geographic or other conditions may limit the effectiveness of individual locating methods. The solution now supports high-accuracy A-GPS and Hybrid caller locating methods for both 3G UMTS and GSM networks.

In addition to computing high-accuracy caller locations to support E911 calls, Andrew's 2G/3G MLC also supports enhanced value-added commercial location-based services (LBS). The Andrew MLC can combine both Control Plane (CoPL) and Secure User Plane (SUPL) location methods on the same hardware platform. Andres says this blend of network- and device-based technologies produces the needed location speed, accuracy and reliability that is necessary for future LBS.http://www.commscope.com