Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moovera and Vodafone Collaborate on Wi-Fi for Public Transport

Moovera Networks, a start-up specializing in mobile wireless broadband technology, has collaborated with Vodafone UK to launch high-speed Internet access on the Oxford Tube express coach service. Passengers traveling on the service between Central London and Oxford now have email and web access at speeds up to 1.4 Mbps using a combination of Moovera's mobile Wi-Fi equipment and Vodafone UK's 3G broadband network, which now covers 80% of the UK population.

Moovera supplies a small device that creates a Wi-Fi network throughout a vehicle. The device bridges the Wi-Fi network with Vodafone UK's 3G broadband service that uses HSDPA.

STMicroelectronics Offers Microcontrollers for 3G SIM Cards

STMicroelectronics introduced two new secure microcontrollers designed specifically for high-volume 2.5G and 3G SIM cards. The ST21Y036 and ST21Y144 provide 36 Kbytes and 144 Kbytes of user EEPROM, respectively, and they join the ST21Y068, which was announced towards the end of 2006 and is already in volume production.

The new devices include a hardware DES (Data Encryption Standard) accelerator and user-accessible CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Code) calculation block. The user EEPROM areas - which include 64 bytes of user OTP (One Time Programmable) memory - use highly reliable CMOS submicron technology, and provide 10-year data retention with a typical Erase/Write endurance of 500,000 cycles.

ST said operators need secure SIM products with increased memory capacity to store and handle the large amounts of data now used in a growing number of applications and services in mobile communications products, while maintaining overall performance and user-friendliness.

BCE creates Strategic Oversight Committee

The Board of Directors of BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) has formed a committee of independent directors to oversee the its evaluation of a range of strategic alternatives. The announcement of the new committee follows the news last week that BCE is considering a buyout from a group of private investors.

Amdocs Wins 7-Year Managed Services Contract with AT&T

AT&T awarded a seven-year managed services agreement to Amdocs. Under the deal, Amdocs will provide application management services in support of AT&T's legacy ordering and wholesale platforms, including software development, testing, and production support. The project is to begin later this year.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Swisscom IT Services Names CEO

The Swisscom Board of Directors has appointed Eros Fregonas as the new CEO of the Group's IT subsidiary and member of the Swisscom Executive Board. Eros Fregonas is currently an independent consultant working in the finance and IT sector. Mr. Fregonas replaces Michael Shipton, who is leaving the company.

BT to acquire Comsat, Boosting its Latin American Presence

BT agreed to acquire Comsat International, a leading provider of data communication services for corporations and public sector organizations in Latin America, for an undisclosed sum.

Comsat International operates a fiber-based core network interconnecting the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela and Turkey.

Comsat International employs over 700 professionals with in-depth knowledge of Latin American markets and provides services directly in 15 countries.

As at the last audited balance sheet on 31 December 2005, the gross assets of Comsat International were $145 million.

Recently, Comsat has also been bidding for and acquiring WiMAX licenses throughout the region.
  • Comsat International traces its roots back to the early 1960s, when Comsat Corporation was created when President John F. Kennedy signed the Communications Satellite Act and paved the way for the formation of the first commercial enterprise dedicated to satellite communications. In the 1980's, Comsat International was formed as a subsidiary of Comsat Corp. to provide international communications services to major enterprises and other high end customers.

Google Acquires Marratech's Video Conferencing Software

Google has acquired video conferencing software developed by Marratech, a start-up based in Sweden. The software will enable from-the-desktop participation for Googlers in videoconference meetings wherever there's an Internet connection. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Marratech offers an e-meeting, collaboration solution that runs in a browser on Macs, Windows and Linux. As a "virtual office" application it includes whiteboards, multi-party video conferencing, VoIP, instant messaging and encryption.

Marratech's software is based on research from the Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT) at LuleƄ university of Technology, Sweden.