Sunday, December 9, 2007

Violin Memory and AMD Collaborate on Terabyte-Scale Server Memory

Violin Memory, a start-up based in Iselin, New Jersey, announced a technology alliance with AMD that will combine its memory appliances and the HyperTransport high-speed interconnect technology in order to meet the demands of ever-increasing dataset size and application performance.

Violin Memory said that be leveraging HyperTransport technology it can cost-effectively extend server memory to the Terabytes range. Target applications could range from high-performance computing clusters to VOD servers.

Under the agreement, Violin and AMD will use HyperTransport technology to enable Violin 1010 Memory Appliances to connect directly with AMD Opteron processor-based servers and extend main memory resources. The cache coherency protocol of HyperTransport technology will enable
several processors to share extensive memory resources from one or more Violin Memory Appliances. This extended memory model will enable these servers to support much larger datasets.

Violin has developed a unique switched memory technology that delivers RAID-like redundancy and allows failed memory modules to be replaced without the loss of application data. A single 2U appliance can support 84 Violin Memory Modules (VIMMs). Each module supports 6 GB of DRAM, which provides for total appliance capacity of 504 GB.

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