Monday, December 17, 2007

U4EA Introduces Fusion 1000 Series Signaling Gateways

U4EA Technologies introduced its Fusion 1000 Series Signaling Gateways designed to support legacy ISDN and CAS signaling as well as the next generation suite of IP signaling protocols.

U4EA said is still a large base of subscribers using legacy CAS and ISDN signaling protocols that need to access next generation networks that use the new suite of IP protocols. Its Fusion 1000 Signaling Gateways support the full range of protocol conversion including:

  • Legacy protocol to legacy protocol conversion

  • NGN protocol to NGN protocol conversion

  • Legacy protocol to NGN protocol conversion

The Fusion 1000 Series is built on industry standard blade server hardware and operating systems, and scales from an entry level 1U Fusion 1001 supporting up to 900 DS0s through the 8 blade Fusion 1008 to multiple 16 blade Fusion 1016s supporting several million DS0s. The key features and benefits of the Fusion 1000 Series include:

  • Comprehensive range of ISDN, CAS and NGN signaling protocols (e.g., SIGTRAN)

  • Standard industry X86 hardware platform spanning small one blade deployments to multi-blade, multi-system deployments

  • Protocol analysis tools for centralized monitoring of signaling protocols and built-in protocol analyzer

  • Element Manager including a wide range of carrier class of diagnostic tools including visibility all of the way to subscriber interfaces