Sunday, December 2, 2007

Packeteer Outlines Vision of "Intelligent Service Assurance"

Packeteer outlined its strategic vision of "Intelligent Service Assurance" based on an enterprise's need to increase the quality and performance of key applications for any user, any time, anywhere throughout the organization.

The vision, which will guide the company's product roadmap over the course of Q4 2007 -- Q1 2008, aims to enable IT organizations to intelligently identify, discriminate, measure, optimize and control end-to-end application delivery--operating under constantly changing workloads, across disparate applications, systems and network access points through a centralized portal to assure uninterrupted services.

The cornerstone of Packeteer's "Network That Thinks" product roadmap is IntelligenceCenter, an application and WAN management platform that enables enterprises to monitor, enforce and optimize application performance for all applications across the entire distributed network.

The IntelligenceCenter platform intelligently identifies and monitors performance and quality for transactional, voice, video and bulk transfer files from the data center core to individual remote users. IntelligenceCenter can scale to manage up to 2,500 Packeteer appliances concurrently and provides a new Application Service Level portal, customizable end-user reporting and a single sign on, unified web-based interface.

Packeteer said that to fully deliver on its vision of Intelligent Service Assurance it plans to announce the following over the next few months:

  • "Turbo" --the company's new high-speed product architecture designed to increase application and services performance beginning at the network core by delivering multi-gigabit throughput for Packeteer's application intelligence and WAN optimization engines. The first product using this new architecture, based on highly scalable network processors, acts as a "turbo booster" to vastly increase the capacity of Packeteer's high end PacketShaper 10000 product for the datacenter. Turbo will also be instrumental in bandwidth partitioning, enforcing policy control, and monitoring all types of application traffic for high capacity MAN links, Internet 2 and aggregate WAN/MPLS links. The new Turbo product architecture will initially be made available as a seamless upgrade on all PacketShaper 10000 devices.

  • The Packeteer Mobiliti client software -- a new versio will assure intelligent application and service delivery to the mobile edge user by adding wide dictionary caching and new application acceleration technologies for VPN and remote connections to Mobiliti's automated backup, synchronization and virtual file cache for the remote and mobile workforce.