Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blackwave Raises $16 Million for Internet Video Storage

Blackwave (formerly Acinion), a start-up based in Acton, Mass., raised $16 million in Series B financing for its storage and delivery infrastructure solutions for Internet video. The company claims its infrastructure technology increases video delivery efficiency by a factor of ten while dramatically reducing the cost of content delivery. Blackwave plans to roll out its Internet video storage and delivery systems in the first quarter of 2008. Product details have not been disclosed.

The new financing was led by Sigma Partners and joined by both of its Series A financing investors -- Globespan Capital Partners and IDG Ventures Boston.

Blackwave CEO Robert Rizika noted that the company's solutions "take a smarter approach to Internet video storage by focusing on access. By managing content at the title level, we are able to increase performance ten-fold in the existing system footprint."http://www.blackwave.tv

  • Blackwave is headed by Robert Rizika, who previously served as Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Entertainment Strategy for Macrovision. Its technical team is led by David Carver, previously Director of Research and Development at SeaChange International from 2000 to 2004, and Branko Gerovac, who was Vice President of Research and Chief Technology Officer for SeaChange International from 1999 to .

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