Sunday, December 2, 2007

AppTrigger Extends its "Ignite" Application Session Controller

AppTrigger released a number of enhancements to its "Ignite" Application Session Controller (ASC) with the goal of accelerating telecom web services and, in particular, Web 2.0 applications.

Version 8.0 of AppTrigger's Ignite ASC enables service providers to create new applications and capture new revenues from the Web 2.0 ecosystem while at the same time leveraging the platform to ensure feature transparency across converging networks. The aim is to enable application developers to create any type of application for any network with little knowledge about the underlying networks and yet leverage network resources.

Specifically, AppTrigger's Ignite ASC 8.0 has combined Parlay X Web Services with rich call control -- providing a network layer service component that provides Web 2.0 interface with IN/NG IN real time network based services such as Presence (IMS/SIP), Terminal Location (Mobile positioning) and enhanced SMS (short message) in a highly scalable, performance rich environment.

AppTrigger said its Ignite 8.0 ASC offers support for a broad range of applications with varying network resource requirements. All this capability is presented behind a highly abstracted Web Services interface which is easily comprehendible by the web and IT development communities. The feature rich API reduces the complexity of the service logic required to be implemented by the application.

In addition to the benefits created by the Ignite 8.0 ASC for network abstraction, the ASC also greatly simplifies the network architecture by combining all the network elements required by applications to connect to a network into a single network element. The ASC has integrated switching, signaling, and media capabilities. Version 8.0 is now commercially available.