Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Verio Offers First IPv6-Enabled Managed Hosting in North America

Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications, will begin offering IPv6 connectivity for customers and solution provider partners using its Virtual Private Sever (VPS) and Managed Private Server (MPS) hosting services. The offering is described as the first managed, IPv6 commercial hosting service based in North America.

NTT Communications already supports the Verio IPv6 initiative on the NTT Communications Global IPv6 backbone network, which is delivering commercial service in many countries in Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia, as well as Europe, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain.

IPv6 network connectivity for customers and solution partners will be provided by Verio's sister company, NTT America. Verio will provide the service on its Virtual Private Sever (VPS) and Managed Private Server (MPS) hosting platforms, which are part of the Verio 360◦ Managed Server family of services.

  • The NTT Communications data center in Tokyo began offering an IPv6-enabled service in 2005.

  • IPv6 offers a 128-bit addressing scheme and the availability of 340 trillion trillion trillion (340 followed by 36 zeros) unique Internet user addresses. The IPv4 Address Report, updated daily, states that according to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), on May 19, 2010, all IPv4 IP addresses worldwide will be exhausted if they continue to be provisioned at the current rate.