Thursday, November 8, 2007

Telecom Argentina Reaches 11.7 million Mobile (+35%), 677K Broadband Subscribers

Telecom Argentina posted net income of P$614 million for the nine-month period ended September 30, 2007. During the first nine months, consolidated net revenues increased 24% (+P$1,273 million vs. 9M06) to P$6,515 million, mainly fueled by the cellular and broadband businesses.

During 9M07, revenues from broadband grew 22% vs. 9M06 to P$384 million. Moreover, Telecom's ADSL subscribers reached 677,000 (+302,000 or +81% vs. 9M06). Lines with ADSL now account for approximately 16% of Telecom's lines in service.

Telecom Argentina's Cellular Telephony business generated revenues of P$4,095 million in 9M07. As of September 30, 2007, Personal's subscribers reached 10.2 million (+2.5 million or +32% vs. 9M06). Approximately 67% of the overall subscriber base was prepaid and 33% was postpaid. By the end of 9M07, subscribers with GSM technology represented 96% of the total subscriber base. In Paraguay, the subscriber base reached approximately 1.5 million, +58% vs. 9M06. Prepaid and Postpaid customers represented 89% and 11%, respectively, while GSM subscribers represented 85% of the overall subscriber base.

Total voice traffic increased by 33% vs. 9M06 while outgoing SMS traffic increased from an average of 508 million messages per month to an average of 839 million (+65%). Moreover, ARPU remained stable at P$38, when compared to 9M06. Value-Added Services accounted for 27% of ARPU.

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