Sunday, November 11, 2007

Streamcore Debuts Managed Services Platform for Service Providers

Streamcore, a start-up based in Paris with close ties to France Telecom Labs, introduced StreamSense 5.1, a multi-tenant platform for service providers to offer next generation managed services for application performance and monitoring over MPLS or IP VPNs.

Streamcore's core technology uses fast packet inspection to examine both a packet's IP address and session behavior. The system then provides an automated view of application and network traffic. Application can then be tuned according to the amount of traffic, instantaneous bandwith utilization or number of active users.

The StreamSense service enabling platform centrally provisions and manages services such as real-time network and application monitoring, fine-grained and business-level reporting, and application delivery and performance control through advanced QoS controls and automated application control features with alarms and thresholds. The platform also lets service providers provision customized web portals with personalized dashboards and self-configured PDF reporting, providing both real-time performance statistics and troubleshooting tools. Via the portal, customers may also optimize application performance with application optimization features.

Streamcore said one deployment scenario for its platform is to sit centrally at the service provider or customer data center and report on all the downstream branches without the use of probes. In another deployment, StreamSense can be deployed at the customer's edge for service providers already providing managed router services at the customer edge. Additionally, StreamSense can be deployed at the provider's edge or POP (without imposing on service providers to deploy probes at the customer premise). StreamSense controls any of the above configurations from one centralized management console with carrier grade scalability.

Earlier this year, Streamcore opened its US headquarters in Emeryville, California. The company claims 200 global customers across 15,000 sites, including customers such as L'Oreal, Brinks and Philips.