Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sandia National Labs Deploys Woven's Ethernet Fabric

Sandia National Laboratories is deploying Woven Systems' EFX 1000 Ethernet Fabric Switch in a 128-node compute cluster. Woven's EFX 1000 delivered sustained 10 Gbps Ethernet throughput in a large remote direct memory access (RDMA) cluster during testing by Sandia at its Livermore, California laboratory. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The Ethernet Fabric utilizes Woven's Active Congestion Management technology with latency-minimizing routing algorithms to balance traffic flow across the mesh fabric. Woven said its technology also detects switch or link failures, and automatically re-routes traffic to an alternate path in less than 10 ms, providing resiliency with no lost network connections and time outs. The companion Woven Dashboard performance monitoring application, also being used by Sandia, automatically discovers and graphically depicts the fabric's topology, and offers a constant, at-a-glance display of the load-balancing effect of the Active Congestion Management process.

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