Sunday, November 18, 2007

picoChip Delivers Single-Chip WiMAX Wave 2 and IO-MIMO Femtocell

picoChip announced its PC6532 Wave 2 femtocell, the next version of its WiMAX base station reference design. The single-chip (PHY + MAC) reference design supports WiMAX Wave 2 and full IO-MIMO in both downlink and uplink.

Wave 2 is the latest version of the WiMAX standard, adding increased support for mobility, while MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) increases data-rate and reliability by simultaneously sending and receiving data via multiple antennas.

picoChip said its WiMAX architecture is scaleable from femtocell access points to sophisticated multi-sector carrier macrocells with full support for IO-MIMO and beamforming.