Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Sets 2008 Course

Based on the successful demonstration of On-Demand Ethernet Services conducted this summer at ECOC 2007, the Optical Internetworking Forum's technical leadership launched an E-NNI 2.0 Routing Project to address additional routing support for multilayer UNI and E-NNI signaling. The Forum said its course for 2008 will be guided by its 2007 Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration.

"The OIF is quickly incorporating what we learned during the three-month interoperability testing effort this summer," said Jonathan Sadler of Tellabs and the OIF Architecture & Signaling Working Group chair. "The OIF is continuing to develop control plane capabilities to meet carrier Ethernet service needs through our UNI 2.0 and E-NNI 2.0 implementation agreement work."

Attendees at a recent OIF meeting in Kobe, Japan participated in a joint workshop with the Photonic Internet Forum (PIF), focusing on current optical network research topics, including 100 Gigabit Ethernet and ASON/GMPLS. The workshop included presentations by PIF and OIF representatives with a keynote from Professor Ken-ichi Kitayama of Osaka University, vice-chair of PIF and chair of the PIF Technical Research Committee.

Some other highlights of the meeting:

  • The OIF Software Working Group launched a software interface project to support the Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly (ITLA-MSA). The creation of a Software Application Programming Interface (API) and reference software implementation at the management plane will complement the existing ITLA-MSA that has been developed by the OIF Physical and Link Layer (PLL) Working Group.

  • OIF members approved Control Plane Logging and Auditing with Syslog, a new Implementation Agreement (IA) defining an interoperable method for logging and auditing control plane data based on the IETF Syslog documents. The IA addresses controlling and securing the generation, transport, and storage of log data to enable an auditing capability for the OIF's UNI and E-NNI. It complements previous OIF IAs on secure transmission of signaling and routing messages from one NE (or its clients, components, or proxies) to another.

  • As a follow-on to the OIF's Common Electrical Interface (CEI) project, the Forum has completed studies to develop short test patterns that are representative of typical CEI data traffic. The short stress patterns provide a practical alternative to lengthy Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence (PRBS) test patterns, and facilitate jitter measurement and eye analysis. OIF has published the CEI Implementation Guide with extensions to the CEI Interoperability Agreement to incorporate the results of this study.

  • The CEI 2.0 Implementation Guide and the CEI Short Stress Patterns White Paper are available for download from the OIF website.

  • Chuck Sannipoli, of IP Infusion was named vice chair of the OIF Technical Committee. Martha Fratt of AT&T, was elected as chair of the Interoperability Working Group -- Networking.

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