Sunday, November 11, 2007

Netronome Gains License to Intel's High-End Network Processors

Netronome Systems, a start-up based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania focused on high-performance packet analysis solutions. announced a technology licensing, sales and marketing agreement will Intel focused on its IXP28XX product line of network processors.

Under the exclusive deal, Netronome is licensed to continue sales and support of the Intel IXP2805 and the Intel IXP2855 network processors in new designs. In addition, Netronome is developing a next-generation line of IXP-compatible, high-end network flow processors that combine the Intel IXP28XX technology with Netronome's flow management and deep packet inspection architecture.

The new network flow processors, which feature 16 microengines or cores, are designed for a variety of communications applications ranging from network switching and routing (L2-L3) to content and flow analysis for specialized network and security appliances (L2-L7). They will support scalable network performance at 10 Gbps and beyond, along with sophisticated packet and flow classification, in a highly programmable design environment that will provide users of the Intel IXP28XX product line with a path to higher performance and software scalability.

Target applications include network switches, routers and appliances that require high-speed packet forwarding, intelligent flow analysis and processing, and the design flexibility.

"Netronome is pleased to be the exclusive licensee of Intel's high-end network processor technology, as it will allow us to renew the IXP-28XX product roadmap commitment to both companies' existing customers," said Niel Viljoen, CEO of Netronome.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • Netronome assumes immediate sales and support of the Intel IXP2855 and Intel IXP2805 network processors for new designs.

  • Netronome will provide full support for the Intel IXA Software and Hardware Development Kit (SDK/HDK), for existing Intel IXP28XX designs as well as those based on Netronome's new high-end network flow processors.

  • Intel will continue to act as the primary distribution source in fulfillment of all Intel IXP28XX products.

  • Netronome will develop a family of high-end network flow processors based on, and compatible with, the existing Intel IXP28xx product line, with at least 16 micro-engines.

  • Doug Davis, Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Embedded Communications Group (ECG), will join Netronome's board of directors.

  • Netronome and Intel will collaborate on several technology initiatives, including Intel's QuickPath Interconnect and QuickAssist in order to provide the tightest integration between the Intel CPU architecture and Netronome's network flow processors.

  • Netronome's status in the Intel Embedded and Communication Alliance will be elevated to an affiliate member.

  • Intel and Netronome will jointly market the new high-end network flow processors.