Monday, November 26, 2007

NBC Universal to Sell TiVo's Interactive Advertising

TiVo and NBC Universal (NBCU) have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership to leverage the NBCU brands with the advertising, promotional and audience research capabilities enabled by TiVo DVRs.

As part of the agreement, NBC Universal's 14 television networks and 10 NBC owned-and-operated TV stations will be able to sell TiVo Interactive Tags in combination with other NBC products and will subscribe to TiVo's Stop||Watch second-by-second commercial ratings service.

NBC Universal said it will offer advertisers the ability to purchase TiVo's Interactive Tags in conjunction with other NBC advertising products as a way to enhance their campaigns on NBC broadcast and cable networks and owned TV stations. The tags allow viewers to click on an icon when watching a commercial to obtain more information about that advertiser and then return to the exact place they exited viewing. Tags also provide advertisers with an effective way to reach live, time-shifted or fast-forwarding viewers and to achieve deeper engagement through the opt-in requests for more information.