Monday, November 26, 2007

Narus Announces NarusInsight Secure Suite 7

Narus announced version 7 of its "NarusInsight" Secure Suite (NSS), a carrier-class anomaly detection and traffic intelligence system designed for the world's largest IP networks.

Narus said its latest release (NSS 7) significantly improves the ability of carrier service providers to quickly and accurately identify emerging network attacks, while reducing the amount of time and resources spent analyzing alerts and security events. The new version also adds advanced mitigation options including seamless integration with Cisco Guard DDoS mitigation appliances, allowing carriers to more granularly manage security rules, operations and provisioning.

Other new features include:

  • A fully integrated portal that displays relationships between traffic and security information. -- NSS 7 offers operational and network resource efficiencies by introducing a portal that includes a revolutionary method for putting in context the relationships among petabytes of data such as security, traffic and network event information presented to the operator, allowing for faster pinpointing of the root cause of an attack. These efficiencies include the clustering of alerts into Meta-events; improved correlation of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Events to reduce alerts by tenfold; and Converged Operational Views across network traffic, routing, topology, service and application behavior.

  • Advanced mitigation capabilities -- NSS 7 tightly integrates with Cisco Guard to quickly and accurately detect the presence of malicious traffic and mitigate it in real time. NSS 7 offers management of all Guards network-wide as a single infrastructure allowing customers to maximize their investment in Guard technology, while minimizing the operating expense of managing threat mitigation measures. Using NSS, service provider operators can manage mitigation down to a single Guard device.

  • Topology and routing awareness -- NSS 7 provides deep visibility into the behavior of the network, its applications and services by providing complete topology and routing awareness. This awareness allows operators to design the management of critical applications and services into their overall network control strategy. NSS 7 provides an accurate view of traffic associated with BGP anomalies, as well as an accurate forecast of the directed impact to Traffic Engineering. In addition, NSS 7 delivers feedback to the operator necessary to evaluate which peers or upstream providers have caused routing instability.

  • Third generation anomaly detection algorithms -- Utilizing the advanced anomaly detection algorithms with Entropic Variance Analysis (EVA), NSS 7 moves far beyond ten-year-old Holt-Winter techniques used by outdated enterprise approaches to combine cutting-edge algorithms, third-party sources and massive scalability. Narus said this advanced technology detects even the most well-disguised, widely distributed threats with an extremely high level of accuracy and confidence.