Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Internet2-National LambdaRail Merger Terminated

The Board of Directors of the National LambdaRail initiative failed to approve a merger proposal with Internet2, ending several months of discussions between the firms. The NLR said in a statement that it was unable to approve the merger due to its organizational structure and mission. One issue has been the transfer of NLR's assets to a merged organizations and the role of donating members in decision making.


  • National LambdaRail (NLR), a consortium of leading U.S. research universities and private sector technology companies, has a strategic relationship and agreement with Cisco Systems through July 2013.

  • National LambdaRail (NLR) has reached fully-operational status, providing advanced optical, Ethernet and IP connectivity over more than 15,000 miles of fiber across the United States. The infrastructure provides researchers control over a nationwide network with up to 40 individual lightpaths running at 10 Gbps. The project is the result of over three years of work and nearly $100 million in funding by members.

  • The Internet2 initiative completed the rollout of its new nationwide network infrastructure, which boasts an initial capacity of 100 Gbps nationwide and bandwidth-on-demand capabilities. The new Internet2 infrastructure provides a uniquely scalable platform on which to build side-by-side research networks. Beginning in January 2008, the DCN will enable researchers to provision up to 10 Gbps of dedicated bandwidth on demand. The new infrastructure also enables long-term dedicated point-to-point optical circuits up to 10 Gbps on separate wavelengths as part of the organization's WaveCo service.

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