Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Edgewater Adds WAN Link Redundancy to EdgeMarc Routers

Edgewater Networks announced an extension of its EdgeMarc VoIP survivability feature set to include Wide Area Network (WAN) link redundancy. The EdgeMarc routers provide a VoIP aware NAT/Firewall with QoS capabilities. WAN link redundancy allows enterprise and service provider customers to use dual access link connections for diverse routing to enterprise locations.

The list of EdgeMarc VoIP survivability features includes:

  • Application layer based monitoring of call processing servers to determine connectivity

  • Automatic detection of loss of connectivity to call processing servers caused by WAN link failures, network congestion or call processing server software failure

  • Automatic return of call control to network based call processing servers once connectivity has been restored

  • Configurable timers to determine call processing server connectivity

  • Call processing server connectivity status indicators

  • Support for multiple call processing servers using DNS

  • Reporting of the currently active call processing server in environments using multiple call processing servers

  • Local call switching between VoIP endpoints, premises based PSTN gateways or integrated EdgeMarc FXO ports during WAN link failures or other failures that prevent connectivity to network based call processing servers

  • Calling features such as transfer, hold and conference are provided by EdgeMarc Series routers

  • Simplified setup that creates a local dial plan in the EdgeMarc appliance by monitoring traffic to network based call processing servers.