Sunday, November 4, 2007

Deutsche Telekom Selects Ruckus Wireless for IPTV Rollout

Ruckus Wireless announced a landmark deal with Deutsche Telekom's T-Home division, which has selected its 802.11a Smart Wi-Fi systems to enable in-home wireless distribution of its Entertain Comfort IPTV service. Specifically, Deutsche Telekom will use 802.11a for its in-home wireless IPTV option. Ruckus said the combination of more non-overlapping radio frequencies (RF) with its "BeamFlex" interference and avoidance technology ensures flicker-free transmission of standard and even high definition television signals through the home. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Deutsche Telekom is private-labeling the Ruckus system as the Speedport W 100 Bridge under its popular T-Home brand. The Speedport W 100 is becoming available to consumers throughout the more than 700 Telekom shops and the online portal

T-Home is offering the Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi system as the only in-home wireless distribution option for its IPTV service. The SpeedPort W100 Bridge (a Wi-Fi access point and Wi-Fi adapter) is provided to T-Home customers at a one-time cost of EUR149.99.

The Ruckus Wireless system is a Wi-Fi system specifically adapted to reliably transmit IP-based streaming digital video over standard 802.11 technology. It achieves this by continuously routing Wi-Fi signals over the best and highest performing paths while steering these Wi-Fi signals around interference in real time.

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