Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Corning Notes First Customer for "ClearCurve" Rugged Drop FTTH Cable

Corning Cable Systems named Connexion Technologies as the first customer of its ClearCurve fiber. Connexion Technologies, which is deploying FTTH networks in markets across the U.S., is using ClearCurve Rugged Drop Cable in its multiple dwelling unit (MDU) deployments. This follows a field trial in West Palm Beach.

ClearCurve Rugged Drop Cable is 4.8 mm in diameter and is designed for applications where other physical cable protection, such as microduct, is neither available nor desired. Corning said its ClearCurve design offers significant protection of the optical fiber. The cable has a self-bend-limiting feature that prevents the fiber from exceeding the 5 mm minimum bend radius no matter how the cable is bent. This enables the cable to be handled in any way that copper communication cables are handled, such as pulling through wall studs and stapling to wood.