Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cable & Wireless International Deploys MetaSwitch

Cable & Wireless International (CWI) has completed its first deployment of the MetaSwitch switching platform in Diego Garcia, a United Kingdom territory in the Indian Ocean that hosts one of the United States military's key overseas bases. The softswitch, which was installed and deployed in two weeks, replaces an older switch that was considered to be at end of its useful life.

The Diego Garcia deployment of a MetaSwitch VP2510 Integrated Softswitch includes traditional telephony, as well as new Voice over IP services enabled by the MetaSwitch infrastructure. Serving approximately 2,000 residents, the new system supports a combination of E1 and T1 traffic, and routes off-island traffic through satellite connections.

Cable & Wireless International has a broad international agreement with MetaSwitch that covers migration of its legacy switching infrastructure in a number of CWI business units to an IP based softswitch architecture. Financial terms were not disclosed.