Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Avaya Selects Broadcom VoIP Silicon

Avaya has selected Broadcom's VoIP silicon for two lines of Avaya one-X Deskphone IP telephones. This includes Avaya's 9600 series for full-featured IP phones for enterprise customers, and the 1600 series for highly functional, cost efficient IP phones.

The Avaya 9600 series one-X Deskphone Edition phones use Broadcom's most advanced VoIP processor, the BCM1103 which features integrated MIPS and digital signal processing (DSP) processors, Gigabit Ethernet switch and Fast Ethernet physical layer devices (PHYs). Several of Avaya's enterprise IP phones also include Broadcom's BCM5482 single-chip Gigabit Ethernet transceiver, which maximizes the functionality of the BCM1103 VoIP processor for phones used on Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Avaya has also selected Broadcom for its Avaya one-X Deskphone Value Edition (1600 series), which is a low cost family of phones. The high-end model features Broadcom's BCM1104 VoIP processor, which also integrates a Gigabit Ethernet switch and Fast Ethernet PHYs, and runs all control and signal processing tasks on the MIPS processor core rather than employing a costly embedded digital signal processor. Included in the 1600 series lineup are two additional phones that include Broadcom's BCM1190 IP phone chip.


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