Sunday, November 25, 2007

Airvana Introduces Femto Network Gateway for FMC

Airvana announced general availability of its Universal Access Gateway (UAG) for mobile operators seeking to use the Internet as an extension of the radio access network.

Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) enables users to access services using a dual-mode mobile/Wi-Fi handset together with a Wi-Fi access point, or with a dual-mode mobile/Wi-Fi laptop together with a Wi-Fi service, or with an existing 2G/3G handset together with a femtocell. In all cases, the traffic can be sent over the Internet in a secure tunnel to the Airvana UAG, which authenticates and inspects the traffic before sending it to the mobile operator's network. As subscribers move between their home or office and the macro cellular network, the UAG maintains seamless mobility over a secure, QoS-enabled, wireline-speed connection.

Airvana said its UAG is currently in multiple trials with mobile operators worldwide for fixed mobile convergence services using dual-mode mobile/Wi-Fi handsets, dual-mode mobile/Wi-Fi laptops and Airvana femtocells.