Thursday, November 1, 2007

Afghanistan Builds Microwave Backbone

Afghan Wireless announced the completion of a digital microwave ring backbone passing through 18 provinces and providing direct coverage and connectivity to the population residing in surrounding areas. The backbone will support GSM service to the largest customer base in Afghanistan, as well as enabling other services.

Until now, most areas in the country with network coverage were connected over satellite, which is prone to the inherent delays in the quality.

The Afghan Wireless Microwave Ring connects the North of the Country in Mazar, Takhar, Badakshan and Kunduz to Kabul over the Salang, which is further connected in the South to Kandahar and Spinboldak. The ring further extends West from Kandahar, passing through Hilmand, Nimroz and Farah, to reach Herat. It also extends from Herat to Mazar via Badghees, Faryab and Jawjan provinces. In the East, the ring connects Kabul to Jalalabad and the Turkham Border, along with the Kunar Valley. It also connects Gardez and Khost in the South East of the country.

The Microwave Ring has also helped in providing coverage to all major highways connecting Kabul to Kunduz to Mazar to Herat to Kandahar to Kabul.

Afghan Wireless also noted that it now operates one of the world's highest GSM sites at Salang (3980m in elevation).

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