Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TrendChip Offers New ADSL2+ Chipset

Taiwan's TrendChip Technologies announced a new ADSL2+ chipset composed of an ADSL2+ processor and an Analog Front End (AFE). The chipset is targeted at ADSL2+ Bridge, Router, and WiFi Gateway applications.

TrendChip said its design features a high performance ADSL2+ CPE processor with enhanced DMT structure and optimized cache architecture, which provides high processing power, enhanced Impulse Noise Protection (INP) capability for IPTV, advanced IP routing and bridging functionalities, QoS support, and high throughput performance. In addition, a new SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) flash boot up feature allows customers to adopt serial flash memory and helps lower the memory component cost. By adding a second UART interface, designers can connect to new peripherals like Bluetooth and DECT cordless chips to develop value-added applications.