Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tektronix Enhances Spectra2 Platform

Tektronix announced the availability of Spectra2 XL, its enhanced Spectra2 VoIP and IMS test platform. Spectra2 XL features up to an 800% increase in load generation capacity for SIP testing, as well as increased capacity for the testing of other VoIP and IMS protocols.

Spectra2 XL builds on the company's existing multi-user Spectra2 platform by adding capabilities to address the test challenges of maturing VoIP networks while accommodating the needs of the emerging IMS market. Spectra2 XL leverages the same Spectra2 footprint, software and interfaces with the added ability to generate more test call traffic under real-life scenario conditions with speed and accuracy.

In addition, Tektronix announces its continued commitment to IMS, VoIP and converged test with its Spectra2 6.1 software release. The release provides new protocols and the introduction of additional multi-rate codec support in its tester, generator and media Quality of Service applications.