Sunday, October 28, 2007

RadiSys Adds Media Processing Blade, Boosting Media Server to 24K Ports

RadiSys introduced a new media processing blade for its Convedia CMS-9000 Media Server, delivering capacity and performance improvements for processing-intensive applications such as conferencing, video and low bitrate codec.

The Convedia CMS-9000 Media Server, which is already in customer production networks, was designed to accommodate modular capacity upgrades. The new MPC-IV card adds additional Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources to the original Media Processing Card III (MPC-III) hardware design, providing up to 24,000 ports of media processing power on the CMS-9000 platform, representing a 30 percent capacity improvement compared to the media processing cards in RadiSys' first generation CMS-6000 Media Server systems. The new MPC-IV card continues to offer the improved CPU power of the original MPC-III design for CPU-bound applications like VoiceXML IVR processing, while adding the additional DSP resources for improved conference mixing, video, low bitrate codec and transcoding capacity.

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