Sunday, October 14, 2007

Orange Business Services Announces IPVPN Protected

Orange Business Services announced worldwide availability of IPVPN Protected, a new managed security offer integrated in the Cisco Integrated Service Router and encompassing a firewall and intrusion prevention system.

Orange said its IPVPN Protected provides four key benefits:

  • Effective security: IPVPN Protected embeds effective security capabilities such as a bi-directional zone-based Firewall and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) to protect against internal and external threats,

  • Low costs: to address the volume associated to branch and remote sites, Orange is offering a pricing structure based simply on installation fees plus monthly recurring charges,

  • Integrated simplicity: the firewall and intrusion prevention options rely on the Cisco Integrated Service Router IOS functionalities and do not require deployment of additional equipment or need customer resources. This security is then integrated into Orange's managed network services including IP VPN, Internet Direct and Small Office Services and inherits the SLAs selected by the customer. The service reacts automatically in case of attack, working as long as the router is on. The security policy, or filtering rules, can be customized as specifically as needed to meet the customer unique needs for each site or can be defined globally,

  • Managed service: Orange Business Services manages IPVPN Protected, delivering, maintaining and supporting the firewall and intrusion prevention options. For the firewall, the customer defines its security policy through flexible and adaptable filtering rules that can be defined globally or per site. The intrusion prevention mechanism inspects the incoming and outgoing traffic and then blocks any traffic matching one of the loaded attack signatures such as a virus downloaded on a remote computer that is trying to enter the intranet.