Monday, October 15, 2007

Octasic Announces "Vocallo" Multi-Core Media Gateway DSP

Octasic introduced its "Vocallo" next generation, multi-core gateway DSP platform for voice, video and data over IP applications. The device, which is aimed at current and future media gateways, enables a flexible business model for OEMs designing media gateways. This business model enables an OEM to design a cost-reduced gateway to handle today's VoIP needs with licensable performance to accommodate future applications. This allows OEMs to defer the costs of additional performance capacity until they deliver and charge for an application that requires it.

Vocallo is based on Opus, Octasic's unique DSP core architecture, which offers a high performance-to-power ratio and a traditional programming model. Vocallo's Echo Cancellation and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) features use Octasic's carrier-approved algorithms. To maintain pristine voice quality in the latest standards, Vocallo is built on a packet-based software architecture designed to support wideband voice traffic and process media connections with minimum latency.

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