Sunday, October 21, 2007

Multimedia over Coax Alliance Tops 175 Mbps, PQoS

A new version of the Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) in-home networking standard has been ratified adding PQoS (parameterized quality of service) for bandwidth management and prioritization of multiple streams of HD content. MoCA Version 1.1 features packet net throughputs of 175 Mbps over existing coax wires in consumer homes. MoCA 1.1 also includes an increase in network size from the current eight nodes to 16 nodes.

The new net throughput number is a significant increase over MoCA's previously stated performance metric of 100 Mbps.

The MoCA Alliance, which promotes the technology, said numerous applications would benefit from the upgraded standard, including:

  • Whole house distribution of HD video, audio, data, gaming, and voice content;

  • Whole home networking of CATV STB, DBS STB, ATSC STB, and FTTP STB functionality as an add-on to existing methods of distribution or as a replacement for existing methods of distribution;

  • Home networking backbone for consumer electronics technologies (wireless, Ethernet/IP, IEEE-1394);

  • Set top boxes that can receive both premium content and personal content;

  • Sharing of game stations, computers, network attached storage units, data gateways (DSL, DOCSIS, FTTP, DBS, Terrestrial) directly to video devices/displays through PVR and iTV, and;

  • Simultaneous streaming of multiple HD video streams.

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