Monday, October 15, 2007

JDSU Partners with Mintera for 40G DWDM Transponder

JDSU has formed a strategic partnership with Mintera to offer optical network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) products that combine Mintera's 40G transmission technology with JDSU's 40G-capable optical communications products and test and measurement solutions.

Joint development will include a 40G DWDM transponder module that will be standardized according to 300 pin Multi Source Agreement (MSA) guidelines. The transponder will be available in the first half of calendar year 2008. The transponder will convert signals from electrical to optical formats and back again as signals are added and dropped in 40G networks.

In addition to developing the 40G transponder with JDSU, Mintera will also incorporate its patent-pending Adaptive-Differential Phase Shift Keying (ADPSK) technology into the transponder. ADPSK enables optimal transmission of 40G signals over 50 GHz channels in ROADM-enabled optical networks, a configuration commonly used in long haul and metro networks.

JDSU said that through the Mintera collaboration it will be positioned to offer its customers the widest range of optical solutions that are designed for 40G networks. In addition to the new Mintera transponder that will be released in the first half of calendar year 2008, JDSU optical components include ROADMs (Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers) that direct network traffic and optical amplifiers that boost optical signals as they travel throughout the network.


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