Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Italtel Debuts "The Service Box" SIP Applications based on BEA

Italtel unveiled its "The Service Box (TSB) product, a software package for creating advanced communications services and facilitating their development in NGNs independently of the end-user terminals. "The Service Box" targets applications including voice, Instant Messaging, location-based services, Smart Presence Services, Centralized Address Book and group list management.

Italtel's TSB is based on BEA's WebLogic SIP Server. BEA is a technology partner with Italtel. Services can be personalized and customized in line with a service provider's marketing requirements.

Italtel said additional uses for The Service Box could also include intelligent search capabilities and real-time voice communication in virtual worlds such as Second Life. Such capabilities are already being used by Telecom Italia.

At this week's Broadband World Forum in Berlin, The Service Box was awarded the InfoVision Award for the category "New Product Concepts".


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